The appropriate packaging of IT-hardware is an art of its own: On one hand, all big and heavy parts have to be boxed in a way that measures international shipping-standards and secures a safe transport. On the other hand, small parts and sensible components have to be protected specially so they won’t harm the functions of the whole system.

At GIES TEC you will find the right know-how for an ideal packaging of your hardware. We know all about the used components and are aware of the best way to deliver them.

This way, IT-traders can send their hardware all around the world while having the security that everything will arrive in one piece. Depending on your wishes, we can leave your packages neutral or put your logo on them so your clients will recognize them immediately. +49 (0) 60 31 / 6 70 64-10 Am Wartfeld 7 61169 Friedberg